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Miranda Rights Warning in Spanish - Los Derechos Miranda en Español

Spanish-speaking citizens can use this so that they can understand the "You have the right to remain silent" warning. Police officers can use this to better explain the rights to Spanish-speaking citizens. Attorneys can use this to better inform their clients of what they can expect during an encounter with law enforcement.

[Miranda Rights Warning in Spanish]
Miranda Rights Warning in Spanish and English

By Gabriel F. Gargiulo

This book contains the full text of the Miranda Rights Warning in English and Spanish.
You don't have to know Spanish to use this book. You can read the simplified pronunciation for the Spanish.
It includes a guide to the official, correct Spanish pronunciation.
Each Spanish word is explained individually, and translated, so you know what you are reading.
Inspect/Order Miranda Rights Warning from Amazon.com

You can read this book on your Kindle, Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7 device.
If you don't have a Kindle or other device, you can buy the book, download it to your PC, and read it with the free Kindle Reader
(no need to download the Kindle Reader. You access it through a web page at Amazon.com)

You have the right to remain silent... Usted tiene el derecho de guardar el silencio...

Explanation of the words and phrases.
Usted - the polite form of you, used when speaking to someone other than a close friend. 
Usted tiene - you have 
el derecho - the right
guardar - to remain (literally “to keep”)	
	This is the infinitive form of the verb.
silencio - a word that resembles its English counterpart: silence
de guardar el silencio - to remain silent (literally “to keep silence”)
¿Entiende - do you understand. All this is in one word. This is normal for Spanish.
Usted - you. Since entiende means “do you understand”, this is superfluous.
	It is used for clarity and emphasis.
¿Entiende Usted? - do you understand? 
	Note how Spanish reverses the order of the words in English. 
	This is because it is a question. 
Cualquier cosa - Anything. Literally (“whatever thing”)
diga - from the verb “decir” – to say. 
	this is a form of the verb (subjunctive)
	that indicates an uncertain future action
puede ser - it can be
será - will be. The future of the verb “to be”
usada- used. Another word that resembles its English equivalent
puede ser y sera usada - can and will be used
	(literally “is able to be and will be used”)
tener - to have.
abogado - lawyer, attorney.
preguntas - questions, questioning.
no tiene medios - can’t afford. (Literally “don’t have the means”).
emplear - employ, or hire.
sin costo - without cost.
iniciarse - to begin.
sin que - without.
dejar - to stop.
pedir - to request.

Disclaimer: The validity of this document has been verified with 2 competent translators.
This document is provided "as is", without any warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The author and publisher do not warrant the accuracy and completeness of this document. The author and publisher shall in no event be liable for any damages whatsoever, (including, without limitation, consequential damages) arising out of the use, inability to use, or the results of the use of this document.
The user accepts all responsibility and liability for the use of this document.

Information contained in this document is not intended as and does not constitute legal advice, recommendations, mediation or counseling under any circumstance.

The materials contained in this document are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.

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